Fantasy mode from the prompt “landscape from another planet”. This and all other pictures presented here were created by the author after various attempts using the website described in this article.


1 artist, 16 styles -you guessed it, it ain’t human

Playing with a new “artificial intelligence” program that creates paintings from word prompts in a few seconds. The best is that it works online, and you need no expertise to run it.

If you follow me regularly, you know I like to explore the most modern technologies that attempt to mimic how humans create. So far some great tools are around that create pictures and text:

I sometimes use these tools to help me out with ideas for texts, and even to generate pictures for my stories as in the lead picture of this story:

A new “artificial intelligence” for creative painting

A couple of weeks ago this new online program was the hype. Why? Well, not only because it can also draw paintings from a few word prompts, but also because it offers 16 variations that mimic different styles, it runs entirely online without the need to know any programming at all, and it produces results within seconds!

Let me show you what kind of art it can create. All the examples shown here (and also the one in the lead photo) were generated with the prompt “landscape from another planet”. The title before each picture corresponds to the style I chose.








Fantasy art

Where and how

I made these pictures with a web app called Wombo Art, which you can use yourself at Just write a text input, choose a style, and click Create. You’ll get a result.

If you don’t like the result, you can always run the procedure again, and each time you’ll get a different output.

I see that the website now allows minting into an NFT or ordering a printed version of the artwork. Looks interesting!

DISCLAIMER: There is no clear, obvious license posted in the website, and its creators do not reply to consultations, so just in case I have opted to not monetize this article. Be careful if you want to use the pictures generated by this tool.

Enjoy, choose your best pick, and just like I’ve asked you before: would you consider any of this art, or not? What if I now told you that I actually bought these pictures from a human artist who painted them him/herself?



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