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👋 Hello, I’m Luciano Abriata and you are in my blog, LucianoSphere.

Nature, music, biking, programming, augmented and virtual reality, some bits of the LucianoSphere

Born in Argentina from Italian heritage, I’m based in Switzerland’s French-speaking Canton de Vaud.

I am a scientist and technologist, doing research and creating web software and blog content:

* Working at the frontier between wet and dry protein structural biology and biotechnology,

with a set of skills spanning from nuclear magnetic resonance and biophysics to molecular simulations and modern machine learning tools for molecular modeling (I evaluated the first AlphaFold in the CASP competition!). For example:

* Leading the development of Swiss-funded projects for modern human-computer interfaces based in web-VR and web-AR,

applied to chemistry, biology, and beyond. See for example this multiuser VR web app:

* Programming as freelancer web apps that implement, use, or assist modern technologies,



LucianoSphere (Luciano Abriata, PhD)

https://www.lucianoabriata.com | Scientific writing, technology integrator, programming, biotech, bioinformatics.| Have a job for me? Contact me in ES FR EN IT