Here are all my peer-reviewed and blog articles on protein modeling, CASP, and AlphaFold 2

I compiled here all my peer-reviewed articles (some papers, a couple of reviews, one opinion) and blog entries about modeling proteins without templates, the best tool out there so far (AlphaFold 2), and the contest on structure prediction that positioned its developer Deepmind at the top (CASP).

I preceded each link with a very short summary of the key points inside.

Blog entries

  • About CASP, the Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction:
  • A specific application of AlphaFold 1-like methods to experimental structure determination:
  • The first Colab notebooks enabling everybody to run AlphaFold 2:
  • The AlphaFold — EBI database that aims to cover all proteomes with structural models:
  • MMSEQS-ColabFold, probably the most widely used form of AlphaFold:
  • Developments that followed the release of AlphaFold, by Deepmind itself and also by lots of researchers all around the world:



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