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Who am I?

I am a nature, science, technology, programming, and DIY enthusiast. Biotechnologist and chemist, in the wet lab and with computers. I write about everything that lies within my broad sphere of interests -the @lucianosphere. Check out my lists for more stories. Become a Medium member to access all its stories and subscribe to get my new stories by email (original affiliate links of the platform for which I get small revenues without special costs to you).

For inquiries of all types, contact me here. For small jobs (on programming, data analysis, cryptocurrencies, biotech + bioinf project evaluations, science outreach + communication, molecular data analysis and design, molecular graphics, photography, moleculARweb tutorials, science teaching and tutoring, etc.) check my services page here.



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https://www.lucianoabriata.com | Nature, science, technology, programming, biotech, bioinformatics.| Have a job for me? Contact me in ES FR EN IT