Why you should and how you can inform your chatbots with custom data or Wikipedia access

Extending my purely web-based, GPT3-powered chatbot to know content fed by me or that it retrieves automatically from Wikipedia

I showed you earlier how by informing your personalized chatbot with custom-provided information, it can better answer questions rather than just making up stuff:

You can use this approach to, for example, allow a chatbot on your personal or company’s website to “know” about you or your company and reply accordingly:

The web app chatbot answering to some questions about me by using information provided in “Luciano’s texts”, active on the bottom left.

Now, I show you another way to make bots smarter: by allowing them to search Wikipedia, extract information from it, and then reply using this information.

See how this bot first made up a wrong answer to the question “who is mastropiero?” when left to work only with its GPT-3-based “brain” plus information from “Luciano’s texts” (which doesn’t include anything about Mastropiero, so it’s useless for this question). And see the bot then…



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